Gil Troy

Gil Troy is a professor of history at McGill University. His latest book — his tenth — is The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s .

  • The Rabbi Who Captured a Town Alone

    by Gil Troy

    Shlomo Goren was the Israeli Army’s first chief rabbi—and in one of Israel’s defining moments gave it the spiritual strength to reverse what looked to be a devastating loss.

  • She Was the Steve Bannon of the Great Depression

    by Gil Troy

    Elizabeth Dilling screeched ‘America First!’, oozed hatred, and inspired Sinclair Lewis. In the era that saw the rapid rise of populists, she became famous on the back of hatred for minorities, Jews, and foreigners.

  • An Inaugural Prayer: Stretch Yourself as Person and President – to Stretch us too…

    by Gil Troy

    Although I am no theologian, America desperately needs inaugural prayers. Here is the benediction I would offer, if invited to Donald Trump’s Swearing-in (and no, I wouldn’t boycott – Democrats should remember all the civics lectures they gave Trump about respecting the people’s choice when they expected Hillary Clinton to win, and now attend graciously).


  • The Millionaire Who Took on McCarthy

    by Gil Troy

    William Benton was an advertising icon and wildly successful investor—and with those millions backing him up, he took on the country’s scariest politician.

  • The Man Whose Dream Became Israel

    by Gil Troy

    Theodor Herzl was a man with an idea that once seen to fruition would change the world dramatically. But his reasons for creating the modern Zionist movement were never as black and white as people made them out to be.

  • When John Glenn Saved Ted Williams’s Life

    by Gil Troy

    The baseball great and the legendary astronaut were co-pilots during the Korean War—and Glenn’s cool head saved the Hall of Famer during a tense run-in with the enemy.