Gil Troy

Gil Troy is a professor of history at McGill University. His latest book — his tenth — is The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s .

  • The American Who Buried a Kamikaze Enemy

    by Gil Troy

    In April of 1945, Captain William Callaghan and the USS Missouri were attacked by a kamikaze pilot intent on destroying all on board. His attack failed, and Callaghan stood up to his men to bury the enemy.

  • When The Electoral College Took Down a Winner

    by Gil Troy

    Richard Mentor Johnson was a war hero and Jackson protégée whose contradictory life as a slaveowner carrying out a public interracial marriage cause faithless electors to reject his candidacy and send the vice presidency to the Senate.

  • 2016 In Context: The 2016 Ad Campagin

    by Gil Troy

    At the risk of being outrageously unacademic, my gut tells me that this campaign has been affected far less by political commercials than previous campaigns.