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This is Murray Polner's blog. Polner, who writes book reviews for HNN, is the author of “No Victory Parades: The Return of the Vietnam Veteran” and “When Can We Come Home? A Debate on Amnesty for Exiles, Anti-War Prisoners and Others.”

  • Nuclear War Anyone?

    by There's No There There

    The certain outcome of a war against North Korea would mean leaving Pyongyang and Seoul in ashes and millions dead including U.S. troops.

  • On Obama's Failure to Reshape US Foreign Policy

    by There's No There There

    I wrote this in early 2010 for The American Conservative, an anti-neocon  magazine. Trump is simply awful but before Obama starts writing his memoirs, I want to remember him as I saw him then and continue seeing him as a failure in reshaping the way we conduct foreign affairs and continue our endless, pointless wars.

  • A Nuclear War?

    by There's No There There

    A nuclear war between Russia and the U.S. is still possible.

  • Blacklists

    by There's No There There

    "A mean wind is blowing"--David Brooks, NY Times columnist.