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This is Murray Polner's blog. Polner, who writes book reviews for HNN, is the author of “No Victory Parades: The Return of the Vietnam Veteran” and “When Can We Come Home? A Debate on Amnesty for Exiles, Anti-War Prisoners and Others.”

  • William Pfaff: The Pundit Who Hated Militarism & War

    by There's No There There

    "Nowhere in the elite establishment newspaper sphere could you find regular, sustained, and well-informed criticism of an aggressive and overly militarized American foreign policy."--Scott McConnell.

  • The Neocons: First in War, Last in Peace

    by There's No There There

    "American Jewish right-wingers [like Irving Kristol] are almost without exception partisans of the Likud policy of de facto annexation of the West Bank." 

  • Are You Ready To Fight Putin's Russia?

    by There's No There There

    There's only one way out of the Ukrainian mess and that's patient, deliberate, nonviolent diplomacy. The alternative could be a nuclear war.

  • It's SUPER BOWL Time!!!!

    by There's No There There

    The Super Bowl is designed to remind us that the USA, the NFL, and the 1% team owners are one and the same.

  • Who Knows Eric Fair?

    by There's No There There

    The recent revelation about  unaccountable Americans using torture on prisoners have again raised the question of morality and legality.

  • How Much Freedom for Journalists?

    by There's No There There

    Veteran Washington-based reporters complain about the Obama Administration's restrictions on press freedom

  • Resisting Evil

    by There's No There There

    Patrick Henry, a Catholic scholar, proves that Jews did resist the Nazis, physically, spiritually,. violenty and non-violently

  • Stalin & American Myths

    by There's No There There

    Why and how Stalin badly hurt Russia and why Hiroshima did not end WWII.